Rude Emirates Staff – Lost Baggage – No Serivce – Ruined Vacation

Written by k-red on January 20th, 2005

HORRIBLE experience w/Emirates luggage service

I just went on a vacation from Afghanistan, and decided to spend the extra money to fly Emirates for the entire trip to Europe – after being in Afghanistan for 6 months, a little extra luxury would be worth it! However, it was one of the most frustrating experiences I have had to date, and nearly ruined my entire vacation. I flew from Pakistan to Dubai with no problem, and collected my bags, for an overnight stay in Dubai. I checked in the next day for my flight to Paris two horus in advance, as recommended. however, when I got to Paris, my bag did not arrive. I filed the lost luggage report, and collected the $50 they give to purchase necessaries, and went to my hotel. I was only going to be in Paris for one night before going to London for two days, and Spain for a week. I very clearly stated to both the representative, and on the filre report that if they could not deliver my bag to me in Paris before 1pm, they should send it to the address I had listed in London.
The next morning I called the baggage handling contractor used by Emirates repeatedly, with no success. The line was always busy. After several tries by both the hotel receptionist, and myself, I finally got through at 11 am. They told me they had no word of my bags, and did not know where it was. I again repeated that I was heading to London that afternoon, and that I would no longer be in Paris.
The next morning I called from London (having gone two nights without my bag already), and was told they still did not know where my bag was, and that they would call me back. I never heard from them. I called them again later that afternoon and was told that the bag had been delivered to my hotel in Paris the day before! I was furious – at both the hotel for accepting the bag, and the baggage service for delivering it. I finally got someone helpful who promised to have it delivered to London. So I called again the next day to check and see where my bag was. Still at the hotel! At this point, I decide I don’t want to risk missing my bag so I ask if they can have it sent to Malaga, Spain, where I was going to be. They said they could arrange to have it go on a flight that got in a half hour after mine.
When I arrived in Spain I waited, expectantly, for the flight that was supposed to have my bag to arrive. The plane arrived, and luggage came around the belt, but not mine. I again went to the lost luggage desk. They look it up, and say it’s still recorded as being at the hotel in Paris.
Again, I was furious. So, every day for my vacation I called Emirates in France, the baggage service, and Emirates in Dubai, dutifully quoting my file reference number. They repeatedly told me it was still in Paris, and that they would call me back (they never have called me back or called when they have promised to), and once they even told me it was on its way back to my permanent address in Afghanistan!
When leaving Spain to go to France for a week, I decided to check with lost luggage, just in case. It turns out my bag had been there for FIVE (5) days, and no one had known or told me. In fact, they had told me it was still in Paris.
When I arrived in Paris, I went to the Emirates office to discuss possible recompensation. I was told that they had no authority to deal with such issues, and that the woman who did was in a meeting. So I called the next day to speak to this woman, only to be told she was on vacation – and had been the day before as well! And that there was still no one who had any authority to deal with this. the Manager was going to be in the next day, but when I asked if he had the authority to handle this I was told that she “didn’t know, and I would have to discuss with him”. Oh so helpful.
At the airport the check-in woman was then EXTREMELY rude to me – I had been short with her, but had not raised my voice, nor said anything rude. They did arrange to have some small compensation money ready ($100), but the amount did not even begin to cover my phone expenses, much less the clothes I had had to buy.
I decided I would try to deal with it in Dubai. However, again, there was no one availablel to discuss any recompensation with me. At a minimum I would have expected a free up-grade for my return flight, and reimbursement based on receipts. (And as there were seats available, the cost to them of up-grading me would have been nil).
I have tried to take it up with their Customers Affairs department (for which there is no telephone number, only an e-mail address). They have sent me a response (a week later) saying they will look into it. Based on previous experience, I don’t expect to hear from them.

My recommendation? If you’re going to fly Emirates – only take carry-on! I know two other people who have lost their luggage flying Emirates in the last two weeks… It may be the fault of the bag handling service companies at the airports, but I would expect better customer service and response from such a highly rated airline, and one I have enjoyed flying in the past.

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