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Skyteam: Business Class on China Southern

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China Southern: New Airbus A380


Modern Airbus Fleet
A380 and A330 / 330-200
Boeing Dreamliner B787

Flight times from/to China:
Auckland  ~11 hours
Europe  ~11 hours
Los Angeles ~12 hours
Dubai ~9 hours
Singapore ~4 hours


Business Lie Flat Bed

Dreamliner Business Class Lie Flat bed.

The Dreamliner Business Class seat can recline 180 degrees into a comfortable fully flat bed that ensures you a good night’s sleep. Adjustable built-in seat reading lamp. Beverage stand, magazine shelf and shoe stowage. 15″ personal TV

The Airbus A380 offers the new generation of “intelligent seating” in a 1-2-1 configuration is designed to ensure that all seats have aisle access. Seats can be laid down into a fully flat bed. Annular placement of seat with upper deck privacy creates an independent “private room”. Each seat length is 75″ or 85″ with width of 24″. The adjustable privacy divider between the very centre adjacent two seats allows you to control the degree of privacy and openness you prefer. Built-in amenities such as literature pocket, reading light, laptop stowage, USB port and power outlet. 15″ digital widescreen TV

Airbus A330 Business Class… Lay down the deluxe and comfortable seat into a bed at a touch of a button. 24 comfortable seats in a 2-2-2 configuration. Spacious seats and roomy space. The AVOD in-flight entertainment system brings cinematic experience.


Airbus A380 Business Class Lie Flat

Airbus A380 Business Class Lie Flat

Business  Class Seat reviews (external information):

Great seat on a brand new airplane. Only flew Guangzhou to Beijing – wish I was on this plane all the way to San Francisco. Lie-flat seats, good entertainment and excellent service. The bathrooms even have (fake) wood paneling.

Great flat bed type of seat on my trip Paris to Guangzhou. Laid out 2x2x2 in the cabin, these are quite small and feel private cabins on the A330. A comfortable sleep, nice forward facing seats and charming service from FA’s. They seem to be on the up and up compared to flights I took with China Southern in 2009.

SYD-CAN on brand new A330. It is a well thought out and comfortable seat for long haul travel. The flatbed is very comfortable and the space and privacy is as good as many other airlines.

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